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Our Services  

Beaugold Surgical Corporation provides repair services to maximize the patient safety and the satisfaction of our valued customers. Based upon our extensive experience over many years of working on literally thousands of powered instruments and accessories, we have consolidated these insights to incorporate uncompromised capabilities and services that are beneficial in virtually any medical facility.

We repair the instruments damaged in any respect either these are from Beaugold Surgical Corporation or anywhere else. If you have any kind of instruments need any type of repair, we provide this service to our valued customers, if instrument is not repairable we also facilitate by replacing it to another. Aley is committed to outstanding reliability and superior quality and is dedicated to providing an economical alternative to medical equipment maintenance.
Our repair services include

• Surgical instrument sharpening

• Complete refurbishment to include the removal of rust, stains, bio-burden and
the restoration of the instruments original finish (high polish, satin or matte)

• Laparoscopic re-insulation and repair

• Spring and screw replacement

• Needle Holders - Replace Tungsten Carbide Inserts

• Sharpening, refurbishment and repair of micro instrument sets

• Sharpening, refurbishment and repair of arthroscopic instruments

• Super Cut Scissors - Re-serrate/Sharpen

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